Make Sure Your Shower Squeegee Has 3 Things

Ever wonder what makes one squeegee better than the other?

Here are 3 things a good shower squeegee has:
  • sturdy handle
  • good rubber or silicone blade
  • ergonomic design

Expensive squeegees are usually durable and worth the extra money - while you get what you pay for with bargain brands.

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Cleret Shower Squeegee

This award winning design has its own nifty holder.

A classic, ergonomic handle was developed by extensive research to provide a strong and attractive design.

Use this squeegee to wipe away water, soaps, shampoo and body oils before they dry on glass.

Prevent Water Spots on Shower Glass

Do you have a frameless shower enclosure?

The best way to prevent water spots on shower glass enclosures is to squeegee everyday...but who really has the time?

Well if you don't,  hard water minerals such as calcium chloride or lime-scale stick around to leave a hazy cloud.

Grimy slimy chemicals from soaps and shampoos also attach to the porous surface of glass to cause a yukky mess.

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More info:

Water repellent coatings to protect glass     

OXO - Stainless Steel Squeegee

This squeegee also works great on foggy mirrors, tile, windows and curved surfaces.

The attractive stainless steel construction is complimented by the flexible squeegee blade and comfortable handle design.

A slim profile makes it lightweight and fit neatly into the convenient suction cup holder.

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The Deluxe Shower Squeegee

Costs about $18
Looking for top-of-the-line quality and durability ?

The polished chrome finish is rust and tarnish proof to give this squeegee an upscale look.

A durable, gray rubber blade glides over the glass and fits securely into the squeegee handle.

The suction cup holder rotates and keeps the non-slip grip at your desired height and location.

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Water Repellent Coatings for Glass

When water dries on glass, soapy chemicals and corrosive minerals are left behind.

To avoid this scummy buildup, you need to squeegee the glass and wipe it dry everyday - then use glass cleaners on a weekly basis.

Showerguard ® -  lifetime warranty    
The good news is there are ways to fight back and protect your glass shower doors.

Guardian Industries has developed a permanent coating called Showerguard ® that seals the porous surface of glass.

This patented technology resists corrosive buildup and makes it easier to keep shower glass clean.

Ask your shower door dealer about this upgrade and protect your glass ...forever.

Spray-on Glass Sealants 

Spray-on products also seal and protect frameless heavy glass enclosures from the harsh shower environment.

This popular option is applied to new shower doors and makes water bead up...and easier to wipe away.

More info:  ShowerGuard®   |  Enduroshield®  |  Diamon-Fusion®  |  Clearshield™

Do I Ever Have to Squeegee Again?

The short answer is "yes" if you want to prevent layers of slime from developing.

You see, even though glass is sealed, dirt builds up on top of the sealer and needs to be wiped and washed away.

The sealer prevents harsh minerals and chemicals from getting attached to the porous surface of glass.

So don't be still need to squeegee and clean your shower glass weekly, and wipe everything down with a soft microfiber cloth.

Caution:  Mildly abrasive water spot removers  may rub off the spray-coating, so be sure to test in a small area first AND read and follow manufacturers instructions.

Bottom Line:  A protective coating saves time cleaning glass shower enclosures.

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